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NOTE: Though you can still email me with questions, this project is not currently being worked on.

Cars are not only very complex, but there are hundreds of different makes, models and years,
so what may work on one car, may not work on another.

Even though OBD is required on all 1996 and newer vehicles,
some compainies like to add there own codes and modify others.

After OBDMobile starts its connection it runs a quick group of tests to see what all your car will display.

As it goes through the tests it will turn off the areas where it thinks it is not working.
It can and will be wrong. Once it runs its test you can toggle the boxes back and have it retest that area.

A Common Problem: Be careful with your Com Ports, during testing it was pretty common for the GPS and Bluetooth OBD to want to use the same Com Port at the same time. We did not have this problem with the USB or WIFI Connectors.

Also some Blue Tooth Connectors can only be paired to one device at a time, so sometimes you will have to remove and re-pair to the device when you switch.

Double check the COM names, sometimes diffrent devices will display: COM9i instead of COM9, OBDMobile is designed to ignore extra characters but sometimes they slip through. Let me know if this happens and what the extra characters are.

Here is a list of these errors and what the mean:

  • N/A - If you see this that means it ran a test and it was viewed as Not Available
    There should be a unmarked check box next to it, recheck it and it will run the test again.
    Some field require other fields to be enabled to run, for example MPG, GForce needs MPH to work.
  • COM Already in use - you are connecting to a com port already in use.
    Example: You want to connect to BT but accedently chosen the GPS COM port
  • OBD Unopened: COM Port closed
  • Cant Start OBD: A problem with your USB/Blue Tooth connection
    It cant either find the USB/Blue Tooth, or was set up incorrectly
    Make sure you have done all the instructions from both the connector and device.
  • WIFI Unopened: Lost/Cant connect to the WIFI
  • Cant Start WOBD: A Problem with the WIFI connection
    It cant find the WIFI OBD Connector, and was set up incorrectly
    Make sure you have followed all the instructions about the WIFI connection
    Make sure your IP Address has been set up correctly
  • GPS Unopened: Com Port Closed
  • Cant Start GPS: A Problem with the GPS connection
    If cant find the GPS or was set up correctly.
    Make sure you have followed all the GPS instructions for your device
    Make sure you have the correct Com port for the GPS
    Sometimes the GPS does not want to talk and either the OBDMobile software
    or the actual device itself needs to be restarted

  • ON GPS
  • Lat:Invalid Long: Data - Your GPS is not displaying the correct format. Restart Device or use a different GPS
  • Lag: GPS Long: Unavailable - Cant read the data from the GPS. Restart device or try another GPS
  • MPH Error - Your GPS is not displaying the correct format. First recheck MPH box in advanced
    If that does not fix it then restart Device or use a different GPS
  • GPS Unopened: Com Port Closed

  • ON WIFI/Blue Tooth/USB
  • MPH Error - Failed the MPH test, recheck box to retest
  • RPM Error - Failed the RPM test, recheck box to retest
  • FuelLvl Error - Failed Fuel Level test, recheck box to retest
  • MPG Error - Failed MPG test, recheck box to retest
    When MPG is tested it tests it using two methods:
  • First method is the most accurate because it only uses 2 items.
    If it says Est. MPG: then you know you are using the first method
  • Second method uses about 4 items, plus some conversions and math and is less accurate
    If it says Est.. MPG: you are using the second less accurate method.
  • MPG displayed is instant, there is no averaging, or removal of extreams (200+ MPG)
    So Know you car! If your in a truck going uphill then 200 MPG is not correct
    But a Civic crusing at a constant 65 MPH 30 MPG is realistic
  • ELoad Error - Failed Engine Load test, recheck box to retest
  • Coolent Error - Failed coolent test, recheck box to retest
  • Throttle Error - Failed Throttle test, recheck box to retest
  • RTime Error - Failed Run Time test, recheck box to retest (Most common)
  • DisMIL Error - Failed Distance with Check Engine Light test
  • SinceMIL Error - Failed Distance since CEL was resetted
  • And so on...

If you have any trouble please contact me, i want this software to be the best that it can be and with peoples help it can be.


If you have any formal issues, bugs, and/or suggestions about this program please use the little box on the bottom right corner. Please include as much information as possable for best results.


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