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NOTE: Though you can still email me with questions, this project is not currently being worked on.

OBDMobile is a Application for Windows Mobile designed to be used with a OBD scanner
in order to display information and diagnostics from your vehicles OBD port.

All 1996+ year vehicles are required to have a OBD Port.

A OBD Connector is required for full functionality
This Program has not been tested on desiel vehicles.

This displays items like the following:
(* Estimated values)

  • RPM
  • MPG/KML*
  • Fuel Level
  • G Force*
  • Engine Load
  • Coolant
  • Throttle
  • Fuel Pressure
  • IMA Pressure
  • MAF
  • Barometric
  • Timing Advanced
  • Intake Air Temp
  • HP*
  • Torque*

  • Car Diagnostic such as:
  • Check Engine Lights
  • Check Engine Light Codes (1,000 codes)
  • Reset Check Engine Light
  • Distance Traveled with CEL
  • Distance Traveled since CEL cleared
  • Head Up Display functionality!

  • Data Logging
  • Graphs
  • More GPS Data
  • Mapping/Routing
  • And More!

  • Works with the following OBD Scanners
  • You MUST have one to use all of the features!!
  • I recommend buying them of eBay if you can!
  • USB OBD (on devices with USB Host function) - Between $10(eBay) to $100(OBDLink)
    OBDMobile OBD windows mobile usb obd
  • Blue Tooth OBD (Any that allow COM pairing!) - Buy here!
    OBDMobile OBD windows mobile bluetooth blue tooth obd
  • WIFI OBD (Any that allow Ad-Hoc!) - About $150 (KIWI WIFI)
    OBDMobile OBD windows mobile wifi obd


There are two ways to download and install OBDMobile:
  • Windows Mobile Installer: You MUST move the install file over to your Windows Mobile device and install it from there.

  • Windows Active Sync/Windows Mobile Device Center: You MUST have either Active Sync(XP) for Windows Mobile Device Center(Vista/6) then with your phone connected to your computer you can run this from your desktop and it should install it for you on to oyour device.
    *NOTE: Dont worry if you get a "Error 1001" about a OnAfterInstall event handler. It should get deleted next time you clear your TEMP folder

I recommend that you use the Windows Mobile Installer .cab file over the other Installer. Takes a extra step of dragging it over there to the device but it does not require Active Sync or WMDC.

OBDMobile comes with a 3 Day trial period to see if you even like it. So please try it out before you buy it. If you have trouble with it and decide not to buy it please contact me and let me know, feedback is always welcomed.

If you have any questions, comments, constructive criticisms, problems or anything please, please PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me. By knowing what you do or do not like, what does and does not work and how it is used by you helps me out tremendously.


NOTE: Though you can still email me with questions, this project is not currently being worked on.

OBDMobile 1.2.1 - Windows Mobile Installer .CAB File (Recommended)

OBDMobile 1.2.1 - Windows ActiveSync/WMDC Desktop Installer


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